School Council

17 Sep 2019

Our School Council

The school council enables all children in the school to have a voice in the running of the school. Every class is represented by its own school council members who are voted to be councilors by their classmates.

Regular meetings are held for the council members to voice the opinion of the classes they represent. School council members feed back at full school assemblies and through written information.

There is a specific school council area in school where the children know they can post ideas and suggestions to be considered at school council meetings.

The whole school community values the opinions and work of the school council. Their healthy tuck shop. 'Snappy Snackers' is open each Tuesday at first playtime selling a range of snacks and drinks starting at 40p.

In the past money raised from the tuck shop was used to buy slow down signs for out side school and equipment for construction club and play leader games.

The school council meets regularly to discuss future developments and ideas - they feed back to their classes following meetings. 

In December we ran a reverse Advent Calendar - we ended up with 6 cribs full of gifts for Baby Basics.

Our school council members have regular meetings with Mr Butler to discuss ideas and put forward their suggestions.

These children are also involved in recruitment of new staff.

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