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Good Websites for Further Home Learning

18 Mar 2020

Our weekly 'Home-School Learning' post details the specific planned work for children to complete in their purple home-school books. If you wish to do further home learning with your children or your children need educational activities to do independently, these websites have excellent resources for Year 2:

(I will keep updating this as I find more!)


Times Tables Rockstars - Fun times tables practice where you can compete against friends. * PLEASE EMAIL ME TO REQUEST YOUR CHILD'S USERNAME AND PASSWORD *

Hit The Button Times Table Practice -  *MISS DANIEL'S FAVOURITE!* A fun game, can also be used for doubles and number bonds to 10.

Top Marks Maths Games - Lots of games on a range of Maths topics!

Coin Cruncher Coin Game - Good for practising making totals in £ and p.

Telling the Time Worksheets and Games - Lots of time resources.

Balloon Pop - Counting in 2s, 5s, 10s, 3s - To practise counting as fast as possible.

Number Fun - Lots of resources with a free month's subscription

Daily Dollop Of Maths - First of a series of YouTube revision videos to work along with

ICT Games: Maths - Lots of interactive Maths games

NRich - Challenging maths games and problem solving if you fancy a real challenge!


Phonics Play - Games to support children who struggle with Phonics.

Top Marks English Games - A range of games to support with reading and writing skills.

Education.com Reading - Lots of reading comprehension, free subscription

Storyline - *MISS DANIEL'S FAVOURITE!* Children's stories read by famous people!

Writing (including Spelling and Grammar)

Pobble - Each day, a new picture to write about!

Poetry For Kids - To read and inspire you to write your own!

Scholastic 'Through The Keyhole' - *MISS DANIEL'S FAVOURITE!* Peep through the keyhole and tell me what you can see!

Top Marks Spelling Games - A range of games for spelling at different levels.

Spelling City - Lots of games for spelling and grammar, including higher level skills like paragraphs.

Education Quizzes: Spelling - LOADS of spelling quizzes!

Education Quizzes: English - Quizzes on all different parts of English including grammer, word types and more.

ICT Games: English - Phonics, spelling and comprehension games.

PenPal Schools - Write to children in schools across the world!


National Geographic Games - Exciting games on geography, weather, animals and more!

National Geographic Discover - *MISS DANIEL'S FAVOURITE!* Endless learning on the world.

Newsround - For up-to-date child-friendly news

Google Earth - To explore the world, make maps, find directions and more.

Education Quizzes: Geography - LOADS of geography quizzes!

Education Quizzes: History - LOADS of history quizzes!


BBC Bitesize KS1 Science - *MISS DANIEL'S FAVOURITE!* Lots of games and fact pages

RSPCA Quick Activities - Quick and easy activity ideas about animals

Education Quizzes: Science - LOADS of science quizzes!

P‚ÄčE and Wellbeing

Youth Sport Trust - PE games and activities

Go Noodle Good Energy - Fun videos to exercise and dance along with

PE Planning: PE at Home - Lots of fun PE activities to do at home

Joe Wicks YouTube - *MISS DANIEL'S FAVOURITE!* A new 'PE With Joe' session added every day!

Harrogate School Sports Partnership - Lots of resources for home mindfulness and keeping active

Art and DT

Easy Peasy and Fun! - Simple arts and crafts ideas for children, many only needing paper


Tynker Coding Games - Computer coding activities for children

Background Music

At school, the children love to have peaceful music on in the background whilst they work, particularly when writing. So, here are a few suggestions :)

Relaxing Piano Music - Our 'writing music' from class.

Disney Acoustic Music - Disney on piano!

Greatest Showman Piano - Greatest Showman piano backing tracks.

Acoustic Pop - Pop music backing tracks on acoustic guitar.

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